Anti Piracy Protection in India

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Welcome To Your Rights

We, at Your Rights, are an antipiracy group who provide protection & solutions against piracy, advanced protections for OTT, TV Shows, Films, Music, Brands, E-Books, Games and Software. We use cutting edge technology, utilise extensive reconnaissance and monitor your content 24/7 and track the sources of infringements.We take aggressive steps against such copyright violations. Your data pirated or provided unauthenticated by other websites and servers violating your copyright are removed and hidden so as to promote your genuine content. You focus more on your creation and leave the infringements to us.


Present Day Scenario

In few days of release of films and shows, the cinema print flood the internet. A majority of population have already watched the movie for free before it is even available on Amazon Prime Video or HotStar Premium to name a few.

DVD/VCD piracy of Indian films happens in the international markets. The prints sent for overseas screening of the film are pirated, typically at any of the Middle East country airports.

Songs and videos unavailable for download without a premium account or subscription is available on some websites at no cost. Do you guess how that is possible?

And downloading software and game from internet for free is the new normal today.

Client Services

Our Areas of Services & Focus

Protecting Videos and Music

Your videos and songs might be available for free download on some website without signed deals. We provide antipiracy protection and promote your original content so that you can actually get your content to sell.

Protecting TV Shows and Video Courses

TV shows are probably the most stolen material on internet today. We protect your shows and video courses such that they are only available on the websites and media services you have authorised to.

Protecting Software, Games and Apps

Games and software are a little expensive sometimes and users can’t wait and pay to get a buy the setup when everything is available for free on grey market and torrent.

Protecting EBooks

Piracy hurts eBooks sales bigtime. I know this personally, readers are generally one step buying an eBook they really want to read on sites like google play books and kindle, but the free content keeps them at bay.

If you’re creating content valuable to you, don’t let digital thieves hurt you. We provide all kinds of antipiracy services.
Let us eradicate piracy! Together!

Your Rights Steps

4 Step Process

Monitoring and Collecting Data

Using investigation tools and web crawlers for torrents, social media, streaming sites, and networks like eDonkey, Ares, etc. and take help of Google AdSense on such websites.

Download and inspect various versions of media available over internet like DVD rip, Blu-Ray, etc. to track the source.

Notice and Takedown

Send notice to such hosts and source. Build powerful evidence against infringements.

If nothing works, we get Google to remove the pirating websites.

Reports and Insights

We provide the timely reports and results about your content, give you an insight in the market of brokers and stakeholders with our detailed user guide. See the progress and the list of the stolen files.

Antipiracy Movement

And finally, antipiracy is not a service, it is a movement. We strongly undermine the exploitation of copyrights by an individual or organization.