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Customer Benefits

1. Piracy is commonly considered to be detrimental to the software industry. The industry has taken aggressive steps to curb piracy worldwide.

2. Antipiracy protect my content and business from piracy

3. Rest assured that your infrastructure and devices are well-protected. Benefit from Your Rights expertise and best practices that identify potential attacks before they cause harm.

4. Removes pirated content on Cyberlockers, pirate boxes, Torrents and social networks.

5. 24/7 real-time monitoring and detection; automated dispatch of takedown notices and consopdated reports.

6. Take effective actions with continuous automated and manual tracking that identifies the source of piracy and initiates effective countermeasures within minutes.

7. Dynamic watermarking operates campaign management systems; detects content redistributed from broadcast, IPTV and OTT networks. Identifies and closes the source of restreaming within seconds, excellent for Live and Sports Events.

8. Device assessment evaluates the security of your firmware and provides continuous vulnerability monitoring to prevent cyber attacks.

9. Utilizes strong AI to detect password sharing by observing location, consumption etc. on devices.

10. Leverages your data with AI and machine learning to identify suspicious user behaviors; detects redistribution attempts and intrusions.