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In layman’s terms piracy is copying and/or distribution of software for personal or business use without the permission or authority of the copyright holder and there is a tenfold increase in piracy today. Piracy happens because of collusion between two parties- providers of illegal content and providers of file sharing technologies. We at Your Rights make you digitally aware and safe from the various types of piracy. To give you a broader picture of the technology age, with the onset of more OTTservicesit makesdigital content protection and anti-piracy a significant need of the hour in the digital industry.

OTT which is one of the genres has the highest risk and is the most affected when it comes to counterfeiting and infringing of the content. We at YourRights try to curb the pirated content at the earliest so that is not reproduced and multiplied and also stop the devaluing and degrading of the content.

We are a well-established name fighting piracy and providing your content protection and anti-piracy solutions exclusively in the entertainment and media industry covering music, video, e-books, software and games.Investment in Anti-piracy safeguards your brand name and valuable content so that you don’t lose your revenues to the piracy and can focus. It is a cycle where as soon as one site closes multiple others crop up redirecting the users to unauthentic sources.Piracy needs practical implications with carefully designed strategic measures.


Enforcement is the only part of the strategy when it comes to tackling piracy issues.

We keep sharp vigilant eye to cover the majority and the maximum of all digital platforms.

We watch over the loopholes to get to the root level and identify the potential threats and report the leaks immediately.

Identifying the underlying complex issues and fixing them with the help of technology, investigations and disruptions.

Our technologies identify and trace illegal distribution.

We ensure the content is first handed and directly delivered to the viewers.

We are result-oriented and drastic visible changes can be expected in no real time.

Our team experts ensure that they are active round the clock and put in all time and efforts across various digital platforms.

Our team works closely with experts keeping a tap on downloading activities of accounts.

Our AI assisted machinery blocks infringing apps and websites and prevent counterfeit links.